Pele’s Curse

Visitors and locals alike should beware the curse of Pele. Some may scoff at it, while others may ignore it completely. Still, others may not even know about it, but woe be it unto them!

Pele’s curse started as what some believe to have been a disgruntled Park Ranger who simply got tired of seeing people pick up pieces of volcanic rock and carting them away as souvenirs of their stay here on Maui.

Pele is the Goddess of volcanoes and fire. She is not a goddess you want to be messing with either. She is extremely protective of her child the island of Maui. The curse of Pele says that anybody removing a piece of the isle will be cursed with bad luck of all sorts until that part of her island is returned to her.

Some ignore this curse while others take it more seriously, but the truth of the matter is is that once the curse became known hotels and tourist offices became inundated with jars of sand, shells, pieces of coral and rocks of all sizes. Usually accompanying these ill taken souvenirs were letters apologizing for having disregarded the curse and tales of woe that had befallen the unbelievers.

So if by chance you do happen to take a piece of the valley island home with you and begin to notice all sorts of bad things happening… know that Pele’s Curse is nothing to be ignored. Send your souvenirs back to the island to stop the bad luck and hope that Pele forgives you for your discretion.

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