Hi, I’m Kenneth Moore and together with my wife, Kathy we have relocated to Maui Hawaii to be with our two boys.  We are both “baby boomers” and we began bringing our boys here to Maui when they were just young whippersnappers.  We loved Maui. They loved Maui and they both knew that someday we planned on living here.

Well, when the oldest graduated from SMU, he announced he was headed to Maui and would see us there.  That was 20 years ago and he has been here ever since.  The youngest didn’t move out here until a year ago but he has now become a part of the local scene.

Kathy and I are of a retirement age but who the heck wants to retire when there is still so much tread left on the tires… so here we are!

Maui is such a magical place and we have already seen and experienced a lot of it but there is still so much more that we have left to discover.  That is why we’ve developed this BLOG and are putting together video VLOGS on YouTube to go along with our FaceBook page (also called Whadda Ya Know About Maui) to let you travel along with us and experience all that Maui has to offer.

Now you may be Kama’aina (coma eye-nah) which mean “of the island” and you may have never been here before and possible never intend to… but that doesn’t mean you can not enjoy this “Valley Island” with us as we go from one end to the other.  So hitch of your boots and get your straw hat and together we can all learn and marvel at what Mark Twain called, “The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.”

It also bears mentioning that of Maui this great American wordsmith said:

“I went to Maui to stay a week and remained five. I never spent so pleasant a month before, or bade any place goodbye so regretfully. I have not once thought of business, or care or human toil or trouble or sorrow or weariness, and the memory of it will remain with me always.”― Mark Twain